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No more manual receipts or ancient cash registers!

The days of using a cash register or a pen and paper for accounting and transaction processing are no longer an effective means of staying relevant in today's highly competitive market.  Businesses have to adapt and change using emerging technologies such as CounterPoint SQL.

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Introducing CounterPoint SQL:  A Better Way to Manage Your Business

CounterPoint SQL software from Radiant Systems is an all-in-one business management solution that gives you power and control over every aspect of your business: point-of-sale, inventory, customers, purchasing, sales history and a lot more.  With lightning-quick point-of-sale, air-tight inventory control, and robust reporting capabilities, CounterPoint SQL will give you the control, powerful features and flexible options needed to run your business.  You can also add a suite of accompanying products and services including Point of Sale hardware designed specifically for the rigors of a retail environment.  It is easy to see why CounterPoint SQL is the right choice. 




There is a Retail Point of Sale solution for every type of business!

Radiant understands the unique operating challenges found in the various segments of the retail and wholesale industries. To meet these challenges, Aruba Digital Systems, together with Radiant Systems, deliver comprehensive solutions that address the specific practices across a broad range of market segments.   Here are just a few of the retail segments we specialize in: 


Why not take a closer look at CounterPoint SQL?

Aruba Digital Systems invites you to take a closer look at CounterPoint SQL (a five-star award winning Point of Sale Business Solution).  We want you to be able to discover the wide variety of features and benefits that CounterPoint SQL offers in a familiar environment by inviting you to attend a live CounterPoint SQL Overview Webinar in the comfort of your own office.

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CounterPoint SQL includes features like:                                           

Support for Multiple Locations, Advanced Customization Utilities, Expanded Reporting Tools, Customer Gift and Loyalty Programs, Backorders & Special Orders, Offline Ticket Entry, Markdown Tracking (Promotions), Serial Numbers and much more.


CounterPoint uses SQL technology!

SQL (pronounced "sequel") databases provide reliable data storage and excellent performance for the demanding needs of businesses.  It is highly scalable from a small single-user system to hundreds of users with very large databasesCounterPoint SQL takes advantage of SQL transaction processing to protect your data. Even if the power goes out while posting transactions, SQL will “roll back” the transaction that was in progress so you can re-post without losing any data.  An added bonus is that the SQL data is easily integrated into numerous third-party applications such as Microsoft Excel and Word.

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Use the power of the Internet to expand your business

Opening an online store is actually much easier than you think.  CounterPoint makes this possible.  Ecommerce capabilities are built into CounterPoint from the very start and are compatible with CPOnline, a Web-hosting and ecommerce service designed especially for CounterPoint merchants.  CPOnline is suitable for merchants of all stripes and sizes.  With CPOnline you can publish CounterPoint’s inventory and customer information to your online store.  Shoppers place orders online which are then brought into CounterPoint for easy processing and fulfillment. 

The only requirements you need for CPOnline will be the CounterPoint software, a Windows workstation with Internet access, and a Web browser.

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Meet our customers! 

Our innovative products and solutions have attracted many customers in the retail and wholesale industries.  Aruba Digital Systems manages over 300 CounterPoint users.  We belief that it is our customers who make up the backbone of our business and we appreciate the continued loyalty and trust.  At Aruba Digital, our customers are top priority and we take pride in their accomplishments as much as ours.  CounterPoint has been implemented all over Aruba and our sisters islands of Curacao & Bonaire.   Our customers are in all types on industries from specialty retail to wholesale distribution.   Navigate through the slides to meet some of  our prestigious customers .