Custom Card Solutions

Gift and Customer Loyalty Card Programs have grown each year since their introduction and are great ways for merchants to increase their bottom line, retain loyal customers, attract new customers and generate brand awareness.  Even the smallest business can now afford and benefit from a card program.  


Use Gifts Cards to generate more sales

Gift Cards have become an extremely lucrative revenue stream for retailers.  Increasing numbers of merchants, in all retail categories, are allocating valuable space to display gift cards inside their stores since they have come to realize the revenue potential of gift card programs.  Fresh uses for gift cards include:  in-store promotions, incentive targets for loyalty programs, charitable donations and issuance of store credit.  In addition, gift cards have extended well past the traditional gift giving of the holiday season and into other special occasions such as:  Mother's Day, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries etc.  We offer gift cards in several sizes; standard, hanging and our convenient Mini Gift Tag.                               



  • 60% - The percentage of gift card recipients that spend more than the value of the card

  • 55% - The percentage of recipients who find more than one trip necessary to deplete value of the card.

  • 15-20% - The percentage of all gift card value that is never redeemed.

  • 200-400% - The percentage increase that automated gift cards outsell paper certificates.  

    Sources: American Greetings,, Green Sheet Quarterly, National Retail Federation, GRI Financial Services


Create Brand Loyalty and Ensure Customer Retention with Loyalty & Membership Cards.

Loyalty and membership programs build your brand every time a customer uses their loyalty or membership card or key tag.  The right incentives built around loyalty programs or tiered member programs can encourage customers and members to shop more often or upgrade their membership - ultimately increasing store sales and reinforcing your market position.  Membership programs are key to the daily operations of many businesses including gyms/spas, retail, wholesale clubs and libraries.  Whether you need a personalized, single program or a multi-tiered program for your members,  Aruba Digital Systems can help you create one that is right for you and tailored to your members' needs.   The possibilities are endless!