Rewards Program
Rules & Regulations
Application Requirements
  • Participant must be at least 16 years of age and a resident of Aruba to be a member of this rewards program. A Valid ID and completely filled application form are required to be approved to participate in the program.
  • Participant must notify TechWold of any changes in their contact information.   Applications will not be approved without complete contact information and the submission of a valid and working email address of the applicant.   The e-mail address must remain valid for the entire duration of the program.
  • TechWorld Rewards Program is maintained for the benefit and participation of individual members only. Each member may maintain only one account.


Earning Points

  1. To receive points and enjoy the benefits of the program, members must present TechWorld’s Rewards Card at the time of purchase. Rewards Points will automatically accrue on the member’s account.
  2. Members earn one (1) point for every florin spent on qualifying purchases. Fractional points are not accumulated. 
  3. Points are earned only on all regular priced items. 
  4. Points are not earned when purchasing with a gift card/certificate. 
  5. Points are also not earned in certain cases such as on purchases of items on clearance or on promotion. 
  6. There may be special promotions / campaigns where members will earn bonus points for qualifying purchases.

Redeeming Points

  1. Members may use their points when paying for products. Fifty (50) points is equivalent to one (1) florin at the time of redemption. 
  2. Points are not accrued on BBO. Participants will be responsible to pay the BBO portion of their sale when redeeming points.
  3. Points are not accrued on purchases of gift cards (certificates) or on miscellaneous charges.
  4. Earned points cannot be exchanged for cash.


General Matters

  • TechWorld’s Rewards Program and its benefits are offered at the discretion of Aruba Digital Systems N.V. TechWorld has the right to terminate or change the program rules, regulations, benefits, and conditions of participation or point allocation, in whole or in part, without prior notice or further obligation to program members. 
  • Membership accounts that have been inactive for longer than one year will lose their points and the account will be terminated.  
  • Rewards Cards are not transferable. Only the card holder may redeem points for purchases.   Lost or stolen cards may be reissued upon participant’s request to TechWorld and may incur a small fee. 
  • By participating in the Rewards Program you will be added to our customer list and agree to receive e-mail and/or advertising and marketing communications from TechWorld as well notification of any changes to the rewards program. Email addresses will not be shared with any third parties. 
  • Participation in the TechWorld’s Rewards Program is subject to any terms and conditions, rules or regulations, policies and procedures (Program Rules) that TechWorld may, at its sole discretion, adopt from time to time. TechWorld has the sole right to interpret the Program Rules. 
  • Any abuse of TechWorld’s Rewards privileges, any conduct unfavorable to the interest of TechWorld, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to TechWorld, may result in the termination of the membership, cancellation of any accrued points and benefits, or both.


"And now, start making shopping more rewarding with TechWorld's Rewards Program.  Enjoy!"